Between Matina
Between Matina


Directed and Story by Pranab Joshi, Script and Screenplay by Susmita Maskey, Casting and Production by Prasanna Gopali, Assistant Direction by Raja Ram Nepal, Direction of photography and Screen play by Tom Kuggler, Cinematography and Camera by Ravi Sayami and Pranab Joshi, Edited by Sushil Neupane and Pranab Joshi. 'Between Matina' is a fictional thriller based in historic city of art and culture Patan. It deals with a story of two young girls aspired to become Living Goddess 'Kumari'. Matina and Kavita are best friends until Kavita gets selected as a 'Kumari' and she becomes a Goddess over the selection and Matina an ordinary girl's life, with shattered dream, takes a twist.::Anonymous

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