Antak, 2019 Nepali Short Film, Directed by ASoq Pathak (a asoqpathak vision) is the First POV Film in Nepal. 'Antak' means the end in Nepali. Antak is fully filmed in POV. The beginning of Antak is itself an end of the story. The film is shown by first-person-perspective of a man. The man goes on a date with a girl on a motorbike with his girlfriend to have fun. Then the screen turns black. The man wakes up so frightened to see a broken wine bottle covered with the blood and this leads him to see dead body of his girlfriend with bloods all over her face. The man now throws a heavy sack downwards the hill and runs away from that place on his motorbike and sees the girl's face and screams so loud but he is founded to wake up on the bed. This makes his so frightened that he meets his psychiatrist. The psychiatrist asks the man to calm down, the incident has never happened and it was just a dream. The man sees the same dream again and again. And on a fine day, when the man sees mirror he sees the psychiatrist. This shows that the man is none other than the psychiatrist. The film ends leading to many questions which are to be decided by the viewers. However, the film shows that the man might have been suffering from split-personality disorder and he is creating a character of a psychiatrist just to convince him that the incident was just a dream. Still the film is now on the viewers' hands so they are to one who can interpret the story in any directions since the film has opened a lot of doors of the possibilities of occurrences.::Asoq Pathak


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  • Avipsa Khanal
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