Bhedako Oon Jasto
Bhedako Oon Jasto


Bright, genial, and intensely energetic, Narayan Wagle is one of Nepal's most widely followed journalists. Now the man, who has made a career writing about others, finds himself as a character in a story. Bhedako Oon Jasto, or Like Sheep's Wool, an hour long documentary, is named after the song he first heard in a highland village north of Kathmandu. It is his deeply personal odyssey in search of the elusive tune. For eight long years, Wagle would sing Bhedako Oon Jasto - to his friends, and then singers and musicians, to check if they were familiar with the tune, but to no avail. Early this year, Wagle has his calls answered. Wagle sings the song to Amrit Gurung of Nepathya. Amrit shows interest to sing the song, and requests Wagle to give him the lyrics in writing. Wagle puts forward a clause - he tells Amrit - " Both you and me have to revisit the place where I heard this song. You need to get the feel of the local essence, and I need to know more on the people and place - to write the song." The travel is agreed upon. Danu - the current bassist of Nepathya, follows them to observe the tunes of the Tungna. For 10 days, Nepathya (Amrit Gurung and Danu), travels with Wagle to the highland village in Langtang. A part-time filmmaker Kiran Krishna Shrestha follows the research process on the search of the song - Bhedako Oon Jasto... Kiran with his camera becomes the 'unseen' fourth character of the film.


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