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PRATIBIMBA Every person in this world has dreams and aspirations that they want to fulfill. Pratibimba is the story of Nikhil, who like any one of us has dreams and aspirations and lives his life to see it come true. He longs to meet a person who sees life the way he does and understands him. Life has enough obstacles and is not easy for us to live and new struggles come upon us, however we overcome them and forge on. Unlike us normal people, Nikhil has a handicap and cannot see the world like we do. He sees the goodness of the soul as compared to the superficial things that we normal people dwell on. This is a romantic story of how all his life Nikhil searched for his destiny and finds it one day.::Anonymous



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  • Tika Bhakta Jirel
  • Sapana Shrestha
  • Ram Kac
  • Manita Manandhar
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